Prairie States Mushroom Club

PSMC Contacts

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Club membership dues have been lowered to $10 per year, payable to the club treasurer.

PSMC President:
Dean Abel
Phone 319-354-3510

PSMC Vice President:
Marty Augustine

PSMC Secretary:
Glen Schwartz
1057 Emmons St., Hiawatha IA 52233-1845
Phone: 319-393-7705, cell: 319-538-4318

PSMC Treasurer:
Roger Heidt
125 Timber Lane, Robins IA 52328-9632
Phone 319-573-4795

PSMC Newsletter Editor:
Dave Layton

PSMC At-Large Board member:
Sarah Delong-Duhon

Past Presidents:
Glen Schwartz
Dave Layton
Damien Pieper

We are a NAMA affiliated club, and we encourage you to join NAMA.
NAMA dues are:
$25 for members of affiliated clubs (electronic)
$40 for members of affiliated clubs (hard copy)
$30 individual/family membership (electronic)
$45 individual/family membership (hard copy)

Learn more about the benefits of joining NAMA, and pay your dues online by following this link...

Auricularia auricula Photo by Rosanne Healy.